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About the beauty bar

At Made U Look Lash & Beauty Bar, our team of  certified professionals are committed to providing a quality service in a relaxing and beautiful environment. Our services include Permanent Makeup (2019 Best of Longmont award winner), Lash Extensions, Lash Extension Removal, Lash Lifts, Brow Shaping (Anastasia Beverly Hills method), Dermaplaning, Facials, Brow & Lash Tinting, and Facial Waxing. Our goal is for you to go home happy.

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A few of our clients favorite SERVICES

Classic Eyelash Extensions $185

Hybrid $210

Before appointment: Do not wear any eye make-up and please remove your contact lenses. 

Each single lash extension is placed on your individual natural lash and will grow with your natural hair growth. Your first appointment can take up to 2.5 hours, and a 2 week lash fill takes about an hour. Typical fills are every 2-3 weeks depending on your hair growth cycle and your lash aftercare.

We do not accept appointments for new clients who have extensions from another salon/individual. If you would like to transfer (we'd love to meet you!), please schedule a removal and full set. Thank you for understanding.

2 week classic fill - $55       2 week hybrid fill $75

3 week classic fill - $75       2 week hybrid fill $85


Eyelash Lift

& Tint


Come in and give us an hour of your time — you'll be glad you did! Eyelash lifts last 8-10 weeks, you'll no longer need to use an eyelash curler. 

Lift without tint - $65

*Clients with very dark lashes should skip the tint.

brow lamination


includes brow shaping

Brow Down is the brow lamination product used by LA celebrities. This is a chemical treatment that sculpt and set the hair in a full feathery look that lasts 4-6 weeks. Crown chakra massage, Brow shaping and aftercare product included.

Ideal for thin or thick brows. For thin brows this will help the brows look fuller and more dense. For thick brows this will smooth and tame the brows into place. For brows that grow in different directions this will smooth the hair into one uniform direction.

Brow Lamination + Tint $ 105

Eyebrow Shaping


Using Anastasia Beverly Hills method we will measure your eyebrows based on your nose and eyes. Then, we will fit you to an Anastasia Beverly Hills template that is most suitable for your face. We will show you everything we are going to take off and places you need to grow in.


In order for you to take care of your amazingly shaped eyebrows on your own, we will show you how to properly fill in your eyebrows using Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder. 


We recommend teens start shaping their brows between the ages of 12-14. It is good to start them out with the proper shape BEFORE they start over tweezing. Teen brows are kept very full and natural. Teen clients are also educated on how to properly maintain their brows at home.

Eyebrow shaping with tint - $41

Teen Brow Shaping - $20

Gentleman's Brow - $25 

Customized Facial


This facial is designed to meet your specific skin care needs! After a skin analysis and asking questions about your concerns we will select products appropriate for you. Includes facial massage, extractions (if needed), hand and arm massage and scalp massage.

Dermaplane $80

Dermaplaning is a noninvasive, painless procedure in which surface dead skin cells are manually scraped away. There is no recovery time involved with this procedure. The skin starts to heal itself, immediately producing newer, healthier skin. Dermaplaning increases cellular turnover while smoothing and softening the surface of the skin. As an added bonus, it removes the fine vellus hair on the face, which can trap oil and dirt, leading to other skin problems.

Dermaplane facial includes face and scalp massage and corrective serums -  $130

Clinical dermaplane facial includes 1 - 2 layers of PCA Skin chemical peel - $145 




 We will discuss your skin concerns (i.e. aging, discoloration, acne, sensitive skin, rosacea) and choose the chemical peel and the frequency of treatments for best results. You will receive a post treatment skin care kit to take home with you. Appointment time is a maximum of 1 hour but can be less depending on the time it takes your skin to neutralize between layers.

14 days before appointment refrain from: having a chemical peel, tanning in a tanning booth, extended sun exposure.
5 days before appointment refrain from: facial waxing or chemical hair removal.
5 days before appointment refrain from use of: Tretinoin, Retin-A, Renova, Differin, Tazorac, Avage, EpiDuo, Ziana and high-percentage AHA and BHA products.
2 days before appointment refrain from getting: neurotoxin or dermal filler injections.



 This is a Semi-Permanent Makeup technique that gives a more natural impression of fullness and shape to the eyebrows. A hand held tool and cosmetic tattoo pigment is used to create hair like strokes into the upper layers of the skin.

Microblade with Shade: This is a combination of microblading strokes through the entire brow with shading between each stroke. This technique is great for those with thinning brows that want a natural look. The shading helps support the density of your existing hair so that a more balanced look is created. I will use a hand held tool for the hair strokes and an electric permanent makeup pen to deposit tiny dots of pigment between the strokes.  $750

For all permanent makeup service I pre-numb the skin to make you as comfortable as possible.  Your initial cost includes a perfecting session which is booked 4 - 6 weeks from original service.


From word-of-mouth recommendations to online reviews, more people in the Northern Colorado area are finding their way to Made U Look Lash & Beauty Bar. We appreciate each and every one of you! Book an appointment online today. We'd love to meet you!

Located in Prospect New Town in Longmont, Colorado.

1114 Neon Forest Circle, Unit 3B, Longmont CO


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